every day I’m the grinch falling in love with Christmas and I don’t mind waking up just to make sure you’re still there, my present every day you are better than coffee from 49th Parallel even than fried chocolate pies oozing out the side goodness and more important than wearing mascara or matching socks I … Continue reading wonder

bad dreams

It was just an elephant with a flower to anyone who doesn’t think that something being mine is enough of a reason not to empty or take it Except there was a very small baby Too small for ceremonies or gender reveals But not too small for a place in my heart And without discussing … Continue reading bad dreams


Rowan has this game where she says something like “Mom, you’re my best friend…oh, wait”. Or “Dad, you’re my favorite Dad…..oh, wait”. Before she was born, I would do Kiwi’s voice, but after Rowan came along, Kiwi’s voiced kind of morphed into Rowan’s. Kiwi is the pug. Kiwi was my first baby, but after our … Continue reading typical


I don’t know what to think sometimes the air at school carries the smell of a dogfood factory ten miles away at a town we are just a community down wind i went to church with my little cousin and was reminded of little kid feet stink that particular odor that almost has a flavor … Continue reading above